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The anatomy and the location of the prostate gland. The importance of self examination to prevent prostate cancer — one of the leading male cancers in America. Symptoms and causes of prostate related problems. The anatomy of male reproductive system, as well as neighbouring systems — the rectum and anus. How the prostate exam is performed and what can it tell you.

How different parts of your body affect your general welfare and tips on taking charge on your health. What you must know about prostate cancer to prevent it and how to deal with it if affected. The more informed you are, the better armed you will be to fight the illness. As long as you are proactive and determined you can be that healthy man.

Your email address will not be published. Hi There, What a great source of information. I was recently diagnosed with BPH and the condition was causing me problems so I was looking around the internet to learn some more stuff about this thing. Hi, I gotta say this site was the best thing I found. Good information, and I like it that you paint the picture the way it is, without sugar coating things.

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