Now That The Dust Is Settled Quiet Probably The Most

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She's set up to have great moments, some of which actually turn out really well, but yeah the fanservicey stuff never works for me. Jobbs Banned. We might as well be talking about stoning a person that refused to consume the Eucharist at mass because they're a sinner! Lacking agency is fine if the narrative qualifies it. I wasn't too impressed with Marlene or Tess really. Log in. Jul 29, 2, 0 0.

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Nickle Cool Facts: Game of War has been a hit since July Jun 17, 7, 2 0 Belleville, Illinois. Never play animu games. LiK said: Ants Member. Dec 4, 0 27 LA County. Oct 24, 4, 0 0 Cleveland, OH. I agree in the sense that I was literally embarrassed by her presence to the extent that I avoided taking her on missions. I don't.. I don't think you've played Metal Gear Solid games.

Feb 14, 25, 0 0 Philadelphia. SageWaterDragon said: ElectricBlanketFire said: Mar 28, 9, 0 0. Most EVER!? Pretty embarrassing. What's funny though is she's like the only character in MGSV to go through any type of arc. Markoman Member. May 3, 3, 0 0. No Quiet is fine Her real life counterpart's performance at the game awards was embarrassing, though.

Yes, the girl is beautiful, but someone should have told her that singing is not one of her strengths. Pai Pai Master Banned. Aug 27, 32, 0 0. Good character, laughably bad execution. I get what Kojima wanted to say with her, but he either tried to have his cake and eat it too, or he completely failed in presenting her to the audience. I've said it before but the naked sniper concept fits right in with the MGS world, and would be interesting to see, but they went about it in the entirely wrong way.

Tapejara Member. May 3, 6, 0 0. My biggest problem with Quiet is that she feels completely out of place with the rest of the game. May 5, 2, Australia.

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Big beautiful women naked She's one of the main reasons why I no longer respect Hideo Kojima. I haven't played the game, but I've seen enough of it to see that she looks totally out of place.

A practically naked woman in the middle of a battlefield So stupid. Dec 8, 9, 0 1, Jiyojaa. Rain and shower scene were definitely embarrassing, but her final scene in the game was very beautifully done. MechaX Member. Jul 25, 11, 0 0. At first, I did think that they would handle Quiet in a good manner.

But then she started presenting her ass to Big Boss like she was a mandrill on the helicopter a lot. Yeah, that was my fault for expecting anything more than what I got. Silver-tongued Banned. Nov 10, 0 0. Jan 10, 23, 0 0. Soltype said: Where exactly are video games supposed to be elevated to? Whompa02 Member.

May 4, 3, 0 0 New York City. Fury Banned. May 1, 11, 0 0 Cleveland, OH. She's set up to have great moments, some of which actually turn out really well, but yeah the fanservicey stuff never works for me. I don't like it and I find it distracting too. Overall, a big misstep, but that fits in well with the game overall. Oct 25, 4, 0 0. Quiet herself isn't embarrassing.

The most embarrassing thing about her was the way Kojima acted like there was some kind of deeper meaning to her design. Now I don't mind fan service but just be upfront with it. I am conservative in most respects, but I don't really care if a woman gets an abortion or not.

Here is my reasoning: Up until then, abortions should be free and taxpayer funded. Too many people. I think abortions are tacky as fuck and in an ideal world, there is no reason for them, but people fuck up. I think a lot of modern ills comes down to letting women choose for themselves, from voting, to contraception, to the erosion of courting ritual, father's consent, the property dynamics implicit in rape one might say therefore rape no longer truly exists in the White world , to the introduction of women into the workplace and places of higher education.

A slave is not equipped to exercise will and neither a woman agency, when you thrust such things upon them things wil not be as they should. Fundamentally I believe that it is our place to spend our lives caring for others. I think every person is unique and important, and to me a person starts when two sets of DNA combine into a brand new unique human being with all of the potential that entails.

I just think we should take care of each other, and that means taking care of everyone. Which puts me in a really shitty place because I have no one representing me. I just think we should really work on improving child care and parental benefits until abortion is no longer necessary, but as long as everyone is out there fighting the sides drift farther apart.

And in those years, no real progress was made. What are your thoughts on bearing the burden of people who are too irresponsible to make proper life choices? It seems to me that those things snowball - you have crappy parents making the next generation of crappy parents. I respect your opinion but I don't think the randomness of genetics is a good enough reason to burden society.

I think that we as a society have the means to prevent a true third option in a well-funded adoption program. I would like to see us really start to expand on that as a culture. Genetics determine a lot, but if done properly people can become decent through their environment.

I also think birth control should be more thoroughly state funded. The default should be that no one can get pregnant and in order to get pregnant you need to get your birth control removed. I could get behind something like that, except for the whole "government mandating birth control" bit. If the government can mandate that, then I think that sets precedence for a lot of other mandates handed down from "on high.

The question is how early? No clue how to accomplish that however. The whole "can't feel pain" bit is kind of a blurry line for me, too. In an ideal situation, I'd like the mother and fetus to be anethetized. Not for the mother's sake but for the fetus. I love the 5. I wish you could Q downloads, thats probably my biggest complaint. Obviously the lack of DivX support is annoying, it bugs me that you can't toggle your games to autolaunch or not they always autolaunch , other than that I think it's an excellent system.

MS has really show where they shine here, and that is software, the dash, the features, the game achievements, the friends system, 4-way chat, it's all very impressively done. Aug 7, Messages: I got my back from repair yesterday took less than one week, kudos to the tech support , and played for a few longer sessions than before I sent it in repair.

It's plugged on my 22" monitor nice to see an official VGA adapter available at launch , and the image quality is stunning on some titles. Like pretty much everyone, I'm very impressed by the dashboard. It's sleek, it's easy to use, and Live is very well done. I like the reputation system and the objectives in every game as well. Games picked up so far: Kameo looks stunning, plays pretty well , PGR3 gorgeous looking, plays much better than MSR on the Dreamcast , PD0 I like the gameplay, graphics are a mixed bag with superb effects being wasted on low-end models.

I picked up some BC-games, but ended buying a classic XBox while the was on repair since I made some room in my gaming space. Titles I tried played well, with enhanced display which is nice. Live Arcade is an exciting feature, and I love playing some Geometry Wars. Ya, next months are gonna kick ass. Hell the whole next year is gonna see some really sweet titles.

Aug 9, Messages: I like it enough to skip this latest pc upgrade cycle. Kameo looks great and is loads of fun. The same goes for COD2, just with a different feel. PD0 looks ok, but lacks the fun factor. I'll likely just play it co op. I haven't played PGR3 much yet, so it's too early to tell. It looks like it should be great on Live though. As for Live Arcade, it's the best idea for console yet.

This way you always have some time-killing games on hand. I just hope they can keep coming up with new addictive little games. Jan 3, Messages: Aug 27, Messages: Oct 6, Messages: Dec 16, You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

No clue how to accomplish that however. Ya, next months are gonna kick ass. If the government can mandate that, then I think that sets precedence for a lot of other mandates handed down from "on high. Quiet herself isn't embarrassing. Nov 26, 37, 3 0 Brazil. Mudcrab said: Internet only Feminists or Tumblr users that appropriate undergrad level sociological concepts is a gross trend that needs to be over with as it is flat out destructive to women everywhere and only serves to push Feminism backwards. That is probably the most objectifying thing I've seen in a game.

Now that the dust has settled, let's talk abortion:

Top Bottom. May 23, 4, 0 0. Setting all that aside, I'm frankly blown away that inwhen gaming as a whole is pushed more into the mainstream than ever before, and trying as a medium to be conscious of how genders are treated and presented, we got something like Quiet in a major, high profile game. Acula said: Whompa02 Member. At least Quiet is also supposed to be strong and powerful, way more skilled than any of the other characters. Morrigan Stark said:

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