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And that's just a brief sampling from the Js. My Opinion: This allows you to view the image at the exact size it will be displayed on a computer monitor when you save the image for web. As a result, publishing artwork on the web, including page layout and colour, has a number of unique features: The Call to action link is available for each layer in a layered layout, but only for the largest tile in a tiled layout.

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The GIF compression algorithm looks at patterns of data. Whenever it encounters areas in an image that do not have changes, it can implement much higher compression. Similar to many types of run-length compression, GIF compression searches for changes along a horizontal axis, and whenever it finds a new colour, it adds to the file size. This means that artwork:. GIFs handle compression of solid colour better than the varied colours found in photographs.

With all GIFs, the fewer the colours, the smaller the file size. Thus, when an image is anti-aliased--i. An aliased image might use only 4 colours, while an anti-aliased image might have up to 18 colours. Web designers should thus consider the performance advantages of using aliased artwork.

JPEG is more suited for photographic images. GIF is for line-art images, such as icons, graphs and line-art logos. Once your photograph has been reduced to the colours supported by GIF, it's too late. You can expect progressive loss of quality each time you make any change, especially with different JPEG quality settings. Web browsers are beginning to support the latter, and many external viewers support both.

All computer-made images end up in rectangular-shaped files. Transparent GIFs are used to create the illusion of irregularly shaped artwork. Certain file formats, such as GIF, can store masked regions, which create the illusion of shapes other than rectangles. This masked region appears to be transparent.

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Transparent GIFs are useful because they appear to blend in smoothly with the user's display, even if the user has set a background colour that differs from what the developer expected.

They do this by assigning one colour to be transparent --if the web browser supports transparency, that colour will be replaced by the browser's background colour, whatever it may be. A few things to keep in mind with transparent gifs:. Transparency comes in two forms: While 8-bit transparency provides greater versatility, it is not supported by GIFs or by web browsers. GIFs support 1-bit transparency, which makes it a more versatile but more limited form of masking.

They are also called multiblock images because multiple images can be stored as separate blocks within a single GIF document. When the GIF document is viewed, the multiple images display, one at a time, to produce streaming animation. Streaming means that each frame of the animation displays one after the other, so that your end user doesn't have to wait for the whole file to download before seeing anything.

Animated GIFs function like slide shows which can include custom palette information and be set to play at different speeds. Animated GIFs require no plug-ins and are recognized by all major browsers. Computer monitors can be adjusted by calibration , or adjusting the colour, brightness and contrast settings. Across different computer platforms, the calibration problem is amplified by gamma differences.

Gamma specifies the brightness and contrast of the computer's display. Typically, Macs are much brighter than PCs because of differences in system gamma settings. Both calibration and gamma differences create variables which are impossible to control by the web-page designer. Bit-depth refers to the number of colours in an image and can have a huge impact on file size:.

The bit-depth of an image is not the same as the bit-depth setting of your viewer's monitor. While many digital artists may be using bit monitors to view their artwork, most viewers will have an 8-bit colour monitor. They will not be able to see the bit image as it was intended.

When an image with millions of colours is converted to an image with colours or less, image quality is lost. Compromises are made when colours are removed from the image, and these compromises can take two forms: Images for the Web Writing for the Web: By the end of today's lab, you should be able to construct a webpage with headings, tables, images, and external links, and be able to upload your webpage files to a server using either web folders or FTP.

As a result, publishing artwork on the web, including page layout and colour, has a number of unique features: Pages are viewed with monitors which have a variety of bit-depth settings and resolutions. Only two image formats are widely supported: PCs display images at 96 pixels per inch; MACs at 72 ppi. You can see that for every quality level you go down, the image size reduces by nearly half.

If the image is an extremely important image with a lot of detail, you may want to select a level higher and save at Very High. Essentially, saving for the web is a balancing act — you must balance the quality of the graphics and the file size of the media to suit your personal needs.

Not huge, but again, these were already optimized with Photoshop. Regardless, every KB counts. Saving images appropriately for the web is an important step to learn early and implement religiously. Learn more about Richard or get more from him on Twitter. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Use Case for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: PNGs are usually used for logos because they are high-quality and can handle transparency.

This works well for logos because logos nearly always require transparency, you likely want it to be high quality, and because logos are a small part of your site overall so the file size is still small. As a general rule of thumb, we like our product photos to be a maximum KB, and for large homepage hero images to be a maximum of KB.

Those are good benchmark numbers for you to aim for as well. Footer Join , monthly readers and subscribers who already have a head start. Connect with our growing community. You'll receive one email per week. Unsubscribe at anytime. Test Software: Download Speed: Download Mgr: Exclusive Info: Not exclusive. My Opinion: Non-original celebrity content. File Sizes HQ: HD Video: No HD quality videos.

Logging In: Saved after closing browser. Videos require pw. Model Appearance: No exclusive models. Celebrity content. Other Content: No notable extras. Other Details: Mix of nude, non-nude, semi-nude content. Pic Details: Pic Dimensions HQ: Streaming Player: No in-browser playback available.

Updates in Last 7 Days: Numerous image updates. Outside Review dates and scores are submitted to us directly by the approved review site periodically. We have limited control over the scores displayed. Site Search. Celeb Nakedness. Celebrity F. Just Fashion Mo Dirty Teen Cele Homemade Celebr Ebony Hollywood.

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Just Nude Celebs. Saving images appropriately for the web is an important step to learn early and implement religiously. Justnude will have the nude stuff, Justsexy, the sexy but not nude stuff, and Justfashion, their fashion model pics if they have any. No exclusive models.

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If you are an owner but you are unable to add a page, your administrator may have turned off the ability to do so. Mega Celeb Pass.

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