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Beneath the surface of the water, her sudden downward trajectory brought her face to face with Timmy, who was grinning like an idiot at having caught his best friend off guard. Timantha was angry at Wanda and ordered a gender switch between her and Cosmo. Retrieved The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Fuck shoulder belts! She brought her hand, shaky and a little damp with sweat, up to the little knob on the front of the door and pulled it open, then retrieved a pair of tall glass cups from inside before shutting the cupboard and heading over to the fridge.

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In the episode Chindred Spirits , he decide to investigate the Chin on why his comics was so boring and miserable and goes to Chincinnati thus Poof turned into his sidekick: Puppy Poof just like his parents. After investigating he wished that the Chin can find his true love which was Golden Locks. This alias was playable in the video games Enter the Cleft! Nega-Timmy was created when Timmy's father told him to be good right after he wished to do the direct opposite of what ever his parents told him to.

He nearly destroyed the make up factory which would have caused disasters if it succeeds. It luckily didn't due to Mr. Turner wanting Timmy to be as evil as possible and Timmy now good wishes the wave away from the factory. He was originally his evil form and is later his evil twin. Gary is an imaginary boy that Timmy made up when he was five years old, so that he could have a friend to play with.

Timmy was Gary. Later, when he was ten and got his fairies, he wished for Gary to be real. Although Gary was really cool and nice to Timmy at first Which obviously was furious when he locked him up in a box when he angrily said: When Timmy asked why, Gary revealed that he was angry that Timmy kept him locked away in his mind for so long after he got "real friends" as Gary claims.

Eventually Timmy defeats him by going into his own mind and beating Gary with ten year old toys, as well as a memory of Vicky. Later, Gary appears on Unwish Island , leading Timmy's other unwished wishes on a plot to kidnap Timmy's friends and family, and lure him into a trap. He was stopped again when Timmy wished up clones of himself to serve Gary and the others, so that way they can be at peace with Timmy.

Gah with Cosmo and Wanda. In Love at First Height , once while at the amusement park, Timmy was too short to ride the Heart Stopper so he wishes he had the body of a 16 year-old, hunky teenager but still have the mind of a 10 year-old boy; thus, becoming a "supermodel" a reference to some supermodels' childish attitudes. When Vicky sits next to him on the ride, he utters,"Gah!

When Vicky asked, "What sort of name is 'Gah'? Vicky wanted to go after him and when she demanded Timmy where he went, Timmy stated that he had to go back to Norwegia. Timmy wishes his parents were superheroes, Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, but later regrets it when they were too busy saving the world to spend time with him. Timmy wishes their powers were gone but they were, "so superpowerful they were invulnerable to magic," and could only be wished back if they willingly gave up their powers, so Timmy wishes himself to become his comic books most powerful cosmic entity, Galactimus who is pretty much a lookalike of the Marvel Comics' cosmic entity Galactus.

Galactimus was able to defeat Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad with ridiculous ease, and ordered Cosmo and Wanda who both looked like the Silver Surfer , but with skateboards instead of surfboards to remove his parents powers.

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This is one of the few alter-egos where Timmy is a villain. Grown up Timmy Turner from the bad alternate future ruled by Grown up Vicky.

Timmy has kept his fairies for 13 years by persistently acting like a child and remaining in the fifth grade. This changes when grown up Tootie returns to town, and Timmy begins to fall in love with his childhood friend which will cause him to lose his fairies. Timmy must decide whether to remain acting like a child, or to "grow up" and be with the woman he loves.

In the TV movie, " Channel Chasers ", an older version of Timmy appears, he is a muscular man mastering several ways of armed and unarmed combat. At first he is shown as a henchman working for Vicky, but it is later revealed to be double-crossing her by preventing her to take over the world.

After his timeline is changed, he is shown as a middle class worker who still lives in his childhood home, he is now father to Tommy and Tammy Turner. Timmy has been turned into a baby on several occasions. The first was when he wished himself into one in the episode, " Baby Face ", to evade Francis at Camp Learn-A-Torium by hiding in the daycare. Timmy ran into problems when he could no longer talk, and therefore could not reverse the wish, but he remedied this by spelling out the wish to return him to ten years old.

Timmy was also turned into a baby twice in Channel Chasers, once when he journeyed into the Carpet Critters television program a parody of Rugrats. When Cosmo and Wanda were about to be taken away by the Fairy Taxi , Cosmo quickly aged Timmy backwards too far and turned him into a baby again, before turning him back to normal shortly after.

During the TV movie Abra-Catastrophe! A " Tibecuadorian " tribal version of Timmy Turner. His enemy is Francisco a " Tibecuadorian " tribal version of Francis and his new brother is Tommy. He appeared at the end of the episode, " Oh, Brother! Timantha is the female version of Timmy.

In the episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen , Wanda turns Timmy into Timantha after he ridicules the prospect of being a girl so that it would be possible to find an ideal birthday gift for Trixie Tang as well as revenge for Timmy insulting the said prospect. Timantha was angry at Wanda and ordered a gender switch between her and Cosmo.

However, Timantha did become best friends with Trixie when they met at the Dimmsdale Mall. This alter-ego is used as a disguise in the video game, Breakin' Da Rules. Timeena is the female fairy form of Timmy featured in the Nickelodeon Magazine comic strip Elmerella. When Timmy wishes to become Elmer's fairy godparent, before Timmy finishes his sentence, Cosmo turns Timmy into a fairy god mother.

Timmy was turned into Timeena. Timmy became Detour Man in the episode Birthday Bashed! He tries to fly but falls down. Being the main character and protagonist of the show, Timmy has a variety of relationships toward other characters, ranging from love, hatred, to complete fear. He has made many friends and enemies, mostly enemies, throughout the course of the show.

Timmy also has a number of love interests, although the most popular ones are Tootie and Trixie, a relationship that has been compared to the Archie comics and the Betty and Veronica rivalry. Interestingly there is also a Veronica on The Fairly OddParents who looks more like Betty but her secret crush on Timmy is only touched upon in one episode. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Timmy Turner Gender: March 21, [2] Hair color: Astral Personal Information Affiliations: Turners' House Dimmsdale , California Homeworld: Earth Aliases: Vicky babysitter Denzel Crocker school teacher Francis school bully Dr. Magnate Jr. It was low and husky, almost hungry, in a way, and strangest of all, it caused a mild little twitch in his privates, his face turning a bright shade of pink as a result.

Wh-Where'd you even come from?! Whoa-… What… T-Tootie, wh-what What are you d-doing…? Things like… This -" Tootie stroked her hand up along her crush's washcloth-wrapped length, which continued to grow both in size and firmness in her grip. Timmy felt a powerful chill run up his spine from his friend's little love-nip, but managed to steel himself nonetheless and begin to turn around, prompting the girl to release him and take little more than half a step backward.

Yet before he could cover his privates and get another word in, Tootie stepped forward, pinning the brunet against the bathroom sink, and his member upright between their lower abdomens. His lips; meanwhile, were silenced by her own as she grasped the teen's shoulders and pulled herself into a hungry, yet relatively innocent kiss, the act catching Timmy completely off-guard as he hummed in surprise and braced his hands against the cool porcelain of the sink behind him.

Though she lingered for a handful of seconds, the raven-haired girl eventually convinced herself to end the kiss and pulled away, her cheeks burning with heat and nearly glowing a bright shade of pink while her eyes stared into her crush's expectantly. Know if this is a good idea Upon hearing this, the girl couldn't help but grin and bow her head, her gaze transfixed on his chest as she slid her right hand down off his shoulder to trace aimless little designs and shapes in his skin with her index finger.

The blue-eyed teen hesitated, his heart hammering away in his chest as he audibly gulped, his gaze briefly lingering on Tootie's soft, pink lips. I know that you're the sweetest, most caring guy I've ever met in my whole life. I know you've always been my knight in shining armor, even though I could be a real pain in the butt, sometimes.

I know deep down that… That even though we're 'best friends', you… You have to feel something like what I do… It can't just be me. She knew she was right, to at least some degree. Yes, he did feel something for the girl; something he'd been trying to suppress and deny all day, and maybe even before today, if he was being honest with himself.

Being around Tootie made him feel… Warm and content, somehow. Perhaps complete was the wrong word, but he definitely enjoyed spending time with her. There's one more thing before I let you say what you wanna say To pound me like a railroad spike. The bathroom was silent, save for the quiet breathing of the two teens, and the barely audible, rapid beating of their hearts.

Wh-What the heck, Tootie? And it didn't take long for Tootie herself to join in, lightly butting her forehead against Timmy's collarbone as her own quiet snickers descended into a light fit of giggles. Was that too forward? I think we're well past too forward, don't you? Subtle about what she wanted she was not, but the girl certainly knew how to break the ice.

He bent his left leg at the knee, forming a sort of arch, while his right laid straight. Tootie; meanwhile, dropped to her knees and straddled her friend's right leg for a moment, before shifting to a more comfortable position on her side, her own right leg draped over Timmy's as she laid herself down next to him and propped herself up on her elbow.

I know, right? It only took, what? Eight years? Are you finally getting into this too? Know where I'm going with this? Timmy found that his words had left him, as all he could do in response was nod 'yes', his eyes widened a bit in anticipation. A devious grin began to spread across the raven-haired girl's face as she shifted ever so slightly to her right, then pressed her lips near to the base of Timmy's member, her soft cheek brushing up against its length.

She soon followed this with a decidedly bolder action, her tongue slipping out from between her lips as she drew it up along the side of his penis, the organ twitching as her tongue swept over the ridge of its head. Sinking down between his legs, the girl stuck her tongue out again, this time dragging it up along the underside of her crush's member, the warm, wet sensory organ pressing into the underside of his tip as she reached it, before forcefully sliding off.

Leaning up a little using her arms, Tootie positioned her head over the object of her current attention, her fingers snaking back around it as she held herself up over her crush with her left arm. Her tongue again slipped out from between her lips, this time giving the tip of Timmy's cock a teasing little lick, before being drawn around the head of it in slow, circular movements along the ridge of the aforementioned head.

Pretty good for no experience, huh? Luckily… That's not an issue here. Timmy's hands roughly gripped the bathroom carpet as the girl took more of him into her mouth, her hands lightly grasping his upper thighs as her descent came to a halt roughly halfway down his length, and she began to pull back, her soft lips slipping over the head of his penis, only to stop just before it was completely out, the very tip pursed between her lips.

It was then that she sank back down again, going a bit farther down his length than the first time, before once again pulling back up, her ascent stopping just before she released him once more. To the brunet, it almost seemed like she was gauging how much of him she could take… Or it would have, were he actually paying attention to anything other than the waves of pleasure assaulting his teen-aged mind.

After a moment, she pulled away, this time releasing his cock with a low smacking sound, the organ now having a moist, slick appearance. Stand back up! Once in her new position, Tootie reached up and wrapped her arms around the small of Timmy's back, which had the added and most certainly intentional effect of squeezing his cock between her breasts. D-Don't hum-! Every breath he exhaled was ragged and hot, every nerve ending seemed to tingle with a feeling not dissimilar to electricity; some far more intensely than others.

He wouldn't last another minute, not at the rate Tootie was going. After several seconds, the subtle twitches and pulses came to an end, the brunet releasing heavy, shuddering breaths as he leaned against the sink. With his brain at last starting to form conscious thought again, the teen glanced down at Tootie as she tilted her head back, allowing his member to slip out of her mouth with a low, smacking pop, then slide out from between her breasts.

It took him a few moments, but he soon realized that her cheeks were ever so slightly puffed out, and she appeared to be struggling with something, before she finally craned her neck back a little and swallowed, her lips curling into a lustful grin as she noticed that he was watching her. Kinda sweet! It occurred to the brunet as Tootie's tongue entered his mouth that he had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

A kiss on the cheek was one thing, on the mouth; quite another, and finally, a deep, intimate kiss like he was currently getting from his stalker-turned-best friend was yet another that was completely in a league of its own. He let her take the lead, due to his inexperience, but even then, he still attempted to keep up, his own tongue participating in a sort of clumsy wrestling match with the girl's as they dabbed, brushed, and coiled with and around each other, Tootie's close proximity causing her lower abdomen to again rub up against his still-sensitive member.

Once she reached the large, full-size bed a notable upgrade from the twin-size Timmy used to have , the bespectacled girl released his hand and dropped down on all fours as she climbed in, making sure to raise her butt a little as she crawled across the comforter, then laid down on her side, propping her head up in her hand and leaning on her right elbow as she stared at Timmy with a lustful, waiting expression.

Sure, he knew without a doubt that she was cute, and she sometimes played it up around him something he realized only now that she was doing quite on purpose , but now that he wasn't forcing himself to see her as just his best friend, it hit him that the girl was really quite beautiful, though, in more of a cute way than say her older sister, or how he used to see Trixie.

Tootie's right here and I'm thinking about Trixie?! Yet as he moved do to just that, she carefully pressed her feet against the front of his pelvis, settling them at either side of his member before drawing them in to lightly rub and massage the still semi-hard organ.

W-Well I was gonna try to get you out of that swimsuit , but Responding with little more than a quick roll of his eyes, Timmy snatched up the girl's right leg by the ankle, then slid forward a bit, propping it up on his shoulder as he held it with both hands. This in turn caused Tootie to re-position her left foot on his member and slowly rub the bottom of her foot up and down against its underside, the contact making her crush flinch, though only for a moment.

Doing his best to ignore the cool, slightly odd touch of the girl's foot, Timmy bowed his head forward and placed a small peck on the side of her calf, then shot her a quick look, seemingly to ask if he should continue. Seeing this as permission enough to demonstrate, the brunet blinked his eyes closed and leaned in, trailing a line of small, feather-light kisses up along Tootie's right leg, until coming to her knee, at which point he pressed his lips to it and lingered for a few seconds, his right hand holding her leg up by the back of her lower thigh, while his left gently cradled her calf.

Had no idea you were such a gentleman At the same time, she pulled her left leg away and bent it at the knee, Timmy's closeness preventing her from teasing him like she had been. Another kiss, this one higher, more toward her inner thigh, and at last cluing the girl in on what he was doing, as Timmy felt her shudder this time, his ears picking up on a barely audible, stifled little whine.

He trailed a few more kisses up along her inner thigh, feeling a noticeable warmth as he drew ever closer to the girl's bikini bottoms, and her sex within them. With your finger, anyway! Please read the rules and FAQ first! Also read about our use of underscores and "tagme". Got a tagme? Full of generic-looking anime characters?

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July 23, Turner wanted to call him "Bono", but Mrs. The raven-haired girl strode over to the cupboard in a stiff, almost robotic gait, though her legs felt like they were made of gelatin. He'd basically just flirted with his best friend! Mina and the Count Rainmaker Entertainment. Timmy wishes their powers were gone but they were, "so superpowerful they were invulnerable to magic," and could only be wished back if they willingly gave up their powers, so Timmy wishes himself to become his comic books most powerful cosmic entity, Galactimus who is pretty much a lookalike of the Marvel Comics' cosmic entity Galactus. Need to report an advertisement?


Responding with little more than a quick roll of his eyes, Timmy snatched up the girl's right leg by the ankle, then slid forward a bit, propping it up on his shoulder as he held it with both hands. It luckily didn't due to Mr. You… Okay? The New York Times. Got a tagme? Whoa-… What… T-Tootie, wh-what March 21, [2].

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